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       About John Bayley

John Bayley, founder and Principal Photographer of John Bayley Photography LLC.   His style of photography remains innovative and current keeping pace with trendy New York City.
John approaches photography with much vigor and enthusiam commanding a sucessful photography shoot.

John has been fortunate to photograph people such as: Secreatary of State James Baker, Anthony Quinn,
Muhammed Ali, Leslie Uggams, Gayle King, Jasmine Guy, BeBe & CeCe Winans, Tony Danza, Whitney Houston,
Sugar Ray Leonard, Diana Ross, Leila Ali, Stephanie Mills, Tisha Campbell, Joe Frazier, Ken Norton, Salt -n- Pepper,
Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, LL Cool J, Nia Long, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Governor David A. Paterson,
Ashford and Simpson, and New York State and Supreme Court Judges.
John presently shoots for Grammy award winning artist BeBe Winans, which he just completed the cover photos for
CD "America America" and most recently "In A foreign Land"  3 Winans Brothers.




 Why do I need a great head shot?
A great head shot separates all the acting competition. It is your calling card to get you that audition to be seen by casting director or agents.
Head Shots reveal who you are by from being totally transparent from the person looking at the picture. If it is a commercial head shot your smile should be totally engaging, so that the person viewing will want to buy what you are selling. Theatrical should show the dramatically side of you to sell the character in the play or film.  I establish a comfortable environment in the studio to create these modes, and through various types of lighting.

What are the different types of Head Shots?
1. Commercial Head Shot - Under the commercial side of this business you have an agent that focuses only on getting you in the door for commercials. The goal is a national commercial because that has a big pay check, but it can be a local spot sometimes as well.  Commercial images are relatively smiley and fun showing lots of personalities. Wardrobe is usually bright colors.
2. Theatrical Head Shot - That is why theatrical shots have stayed in that more serious tone. The photographer needs to capture the drama in that actor showing  a certain amount of confidence and certainty.  That Head Shot must tell a story saying he or she is confident but not arrogant and will get to the top. The wardrobe is  dark colors.

How many Head Shots do I need ?
Minimally, you need two head shots. You need a commercial head shot and a theatrical head shot.  It adds diversity and allows you to have more specific head shots even for electronic submissions too. 

How important is choosing a professional photographer?
a. Choosing a great photographer is extremely important

What do I look for in a head shot photographer?

His Eye to detail:  wardrobe, lighting ...
How intriguing that subject was captured. This will keep the casting director or agent looking at the picture, which in the long run will get your foot in the door.
When visiting websites of Photographers, always look for selection of photographs with a diversity of actors resenting all nationalities, ages, sexes, physical types...

How important is head shot Lighting?

Next to the competence of the Photographer Lighting is the next most important aspect to getting that Great Head Shot.
a. Distinct studio lighting can be very costly to the photographer, however also can separate the Professional from the Amateur.
b. Studio lights can bring out the Commercial or Theatrical results that the photographer is trying to achieve.
c. Lighting Changes from model to model due to facial characteristics.

What is the responsibility of the model ?
Does Clothes matter?
There’s a saying :  ”Clothes make the Man or Woman.”  Nowhere is this concept more important than in your head shots.  Your photographer should place enough emphasis on correct wardrobe selection or know enough on the subject and it’s direct relationship in creating character.  You’d be wise to look for someone who does.  Your photographer should help you with every single aspect of your head shot experience, and wardrobe plays an extremely important part.

1. Wardrobe
A. Bring Shirts/Tops that are well fitted
B. Variety of necklines or collars
C. Solid colors are normally better that compliments your skin and eye color.
Be aware of the tones. Stay away from overly bright shades.
Bold patterns will be amplified causes distraction from you. So, do not bring crazy bold patterns for shoot day.
D. Stay away from big earrings which can be distracting from the face.
E. Stay away from bracelets, rings
F. Cameras will pick up wrinkles. So, be a pro and make sure that you are dressing with as much care as you would if you were meeting face to face with a casting director for the roll of your life! After all, the whole point of head shots is to promote!

Do I need a makeup Artist?

The truth is that cameras pick up everything. If your blush is uneven, your eye shadow not blended, most people do not have the eye or expertise to make the correction.  Men with flawless skin can generally, get away with out a make-up artist.  ANY discoloration in their skin tone, shine or lips that have drained out color will need to be retouched on all of your photos selected.  Naturally Men don't want to look like they are wearing make-up. Women don't want to be overly made-up.....Make Up should always accentuate  and complement.   The choice not to wear make-up generally means you will need touch ups.

Is Retouching important?

Retouching is important not Reconstructing.

Retouching is taking away dark spots under eyes, blemishes that surfaced before the photo session, taking away excessive shine from the face ...
Reconstructing is changing the facial features example: nose, eyes,ears …

What about Pricing?

The most asked question: How much do you charge?  There is a quote " You never get a second chance to make a first impression."
When dealing with pricing always compare quality for the best price. The first question when selecting a photographer is " I like your work or style".  Then is that work within my budget . My guide is always get the best quality for the best price without compromising your career by making a bad first impression.

Do You Offer Same Day Service?

Absolutely, we offer same day services.